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TEXAS was one of Teleivisions greatest daytime drama's!
Searching the net there was very little on this great show
and it's amazing cast!
Over the next several months, I hope this site will
become a large tribute to the people who helped create
the show which became so loved by so many.
Check back frequently for updates, there will soon be
character profiles, updates on what the cast is doing
now, picture galleries, storyline synopsis as well as
a place for fans to trade info, memorabilia and videos
of the show!
If you were a fan of the show, and have info or material
to add please drop me a line.
If you were a part of the show, behind or in front of the
camera, please drop me a line as I hope to have
interviews with those involved in creating Texas!
You can write at

  • Debuted on: August 4, 1980
  • Last aired: December 31, 1982
  • Producer: Judy Lewis
  • Production Company: Procter & Gamble Productions
  • Takes place in: Houston, TX USA
  • Network aired on: NBC
  • Spun off from: Another World
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