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Carla Borelli

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Carla Borelli was without a doubt the break out star of Texas.  Her portrayal of Reena Dekker was both wild and full of energy.  Carla began the role of Reena on Another World and stayed with Texas throughout the run of the series.
Carla began her acting career in the 60's with guest appearance on many television shows including Mannix, Ironside and The Wild Wild West.  Prior to joining Another World and Texas, Carla also spent some time on another daytime drama, playing Mary Anderson on Days of our Lives in the mid seventies.  During the seventies, Carla also spent time guesting on shows such as Charlie's Angels, Quincy and The Betty White Show.
Carla returned to Another World briefly in 1987, this time playing Barbara Van Arkdale, although long time viewers still remembered her as  Reena Dekker.
Carla also spent some time in the 80's playing Connie Giannini who helped create troubles in the marriage of Maggie and Chase on the long running primetime soap Falcon Crest.
Carla's last known role was in 2004 in the multi-cultural romantic comedy Indian Cowboy.
During Carla's time on Texas it was widely known she was dating her on screen love Donald May.
Carla was a fan favorite, and often spent time on the road promoting Texas and meeting her fans up close and personal
I was lucky enough to meet Carla in the mid eighties on one of her trips to Canada.


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